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An open mind is like an open window. Selecting the right type of Window Company can be very daunting. We have selected some of the most trusted, quality, and helpful local businesses to help provide windows that can create a warmer, energy efficient room that’s guaranted to be more secure. The companies featured on this page provide top quality bespoke windows, which are made to measure, top quality weather resistant contemporary and traditional windows which is guaranteed to compliment your home. Natural light is a key part of having beautiful windows and getting the most out of them. When you plan the design of your home with an architect or contractor, consider the space the window will be placed in. If designing your home from the scratch or adding an extension on to your home with new sets of windows, it is good to determine what perfect views you want to capture first and then choose a window that will enhance it, but at the same time privacy and security are something to considered to.

Being creative with your windows, is also something the architects take into consideration, the ranges are designed with the customers in mind and all windows have goods in all high glosses to high quality, the companies have a great selection of windows designs and finishes. On a practical side the high performing, energy efficient products and each of these company’s friendly customer service and skills to tick all the boxes when it comes to your perfect window. Window Interiors strives to surpass client expectations in pursuit of success of the job.


Bifolding specialists. Bi-folding doors because it is extremely durable yet light enough to glide open and closed. Unlike the materials used in some bi-folding door systems. Bi folding are doors are a stylish, welcoming and traditional way of having doors in and outside the household, having the ability to typically have up to 2-6 bifold depending on spaces that the architect is working with. The bi-fold door combines a traditional appearance with excellent value for money. The moulded panel doors are highly durable and more resistant to warping, twisting and splitting than solid wood doors. Bi Folding doors itself matches the quality which is to be expected. Smoothly opening in a concertina style.

Bi-fold doors fully open to seamlessly connect your living space with your terrace, landscape or garden. These strong sturdy doors made from strong metal materials coated in sleek plastic or wood. Technical specification go as far as multiple seals to prevent drafts and water ingress, ventilation, strong window panes and smooth opening with multi point locking via stainless steel locking mechanisms on traffic doors and shoot bolts that interlock for extra security to these wonderful doors. Internal glazing beads are also fitted to prevent glass being removed from outside, keeping you even safer.

Select on to any of the companies below for more details. Who they are, what’s on offer, the distance they are from your home. We hope you will be pleasantly surprised by the type of companies within your reach!