• French polishing

Bring your furniture back to life. That is precisely the job of a French polisher. Maybe you have some beautiful wood work that might have been neglected or even lived a healthy life and needs a lift. Or even a new unfinished oak staircase, doors or beams that need to be treated. A French polisher is who you need and we have the very best in the industry. The companies displayed upon this page do French Polishing for all types of furniture, whether it be wood, plastic or flooring surfaces. Your furniture and surfaces come out as good as new. Not only is the work done by these experts top of the range, but also their experience goes way back as well as their prices. Competitive and efficient, so check them out now.

Select on to any of the companies below for more details. Who they are, what’s on offer, the distance they are from your home. We hope you will be pleasantly surprised by the type of companies within your reach!