How To Make Your Home SMART!
  • 24th July, 2017

If your house is anything like mine, it’s a conventional self-manageable house hold. In the winter when it’s cold you turn the heating on, when its dark you turn the lights on and when you leave the house you tap in the security code. It is something we have done all our lives subconsciously and has become habitual. So what is the need to change it? Is it an added luxury or is it the way forward to manage how the energy around your house is best utilised.

So what are the actual tools that can be used in smart home:

Climate control

Climate control is a great tool to have in your home. Once upon a time and still in homes now you would manually switch heating on and off from your boiler, or even on a timer. With the use of smart media you can control everything from you own devices like iPhone, iPad or other smart phones. Never will there be a time now to waste energy, for instance forgetting to switch off the heating with you leave the house and heat an empty house. With the timing programmes now that can instantly communicate with your smart phone, you’ll always be welcomed by a warm cosy home.

Security & Access Control

When it comes to security there many ways to secure your home, such as a central alarm, CCTV, gates, fences and guard dogs even. Now I cannot guarantee smart media will be able to control a guard dog but for the rest technology has advanced so much so that everything can be controlled by your device. If you have CCTV and front gates, anyone who rings your bell whether it be a postman or a guest you will be able to see them from your phone and allow them in by controlling the gate from your very phone. In the worst case that your house alarm is activated your phone is immediately alerted, to then contact the police. Also having camera devices in some rooms the moment there’s movement in the room the camera will activate and begin taking photos so intruders will be spotted.

Lighting & Audio Control

Let’s create the setting its 9pm you settling into your comfy sofa and you have just discovered your favourite horror movie is actually on TV! What a result! Here is a chance with smart media to create the right setting to enjoy the movie without having to get off the sofa. A central control system will allow you to dim the lights from your phone also raise the volume. So now that horror movie want to enjoy will be thrilling! Dinner parties, children’s room or even a mediation room, all rooms can be controlled independently from a central system.

These systems might be something you have already, recently discovered or alien to you. At Local interiors we have some great companies that can help assist and turn your home into a SMART HOME!