An Architect’s View

  • 27th July, 2017

Architects are masters of building design and can make your dream house a reality. Within the construction industry, architects work on new buildings and the spaces surrounding them, as well as altering existing ones. They can also advise on restoring and conserving older buildings.Planning designs for the perfect home can be a joy yet challenging. But with great challenges comes great rewards. Developing a unique home is one of these great challenges that comes with reward, transforming timber, brick, glass and many more materials into something truly spectacular. But this massive build is not done from the top of an…


What Is Involved With Having A Staircase Renovation?

  • 26th July, 2017

With the rise of home renovations, every single room is being design lead. Once upon a time people once said kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. That is true to an extent but now it’s the complete package. So rooms which might have been thrown a bit of paint over to spruce things up are now part and parcel of the complete home décor. In particular to this is staircases.A staircase is typically at the front of the house, in a hall way or maybe in a living room or maybe an extravagant central piece! Now to take out the staircase…


How To Make Your Home SMART!

  • 24th July, 2017

If your house is anything like mine, it’s a conventional self-manageable house hold. In the winter when it’s cold you turn the heating on, when its dark you turn the lights on and when you leave the house you tap in the security code. It is something we have done all our lives subconsciously and has become habitual. So what is the need to change it? Is it an added luxury or is it the way forward to manage how the energy around your house is best utilised.So what are the actual tools that can be used in smart home:Climate…


Flooring Maintenance

  • 3rd July, 2017

We have a motto here at Local interiors when it comes to flooring, and that is ‘If you fall, I’ll be there’ And with endless options of designs, materials and types of flooring we are guaranteed to have the answer to any of your flooring needs. So, weather your looking to resurface or redecorate your flooring Local interiors will find the right tradesmen for you!So, whether you’re after a solid oak laminated flooring or a nice fluffy carpet, we have a tradesman and an answer for you. With a vast array of different flooring ideas, designs and materials, we can…