Ian Knapper

Who are we?

IanKnapper offer a beautifully exclusive and exquisite natural stone finish for your staircase and fireplace.  Ian Knapper has over 25 years of experience in masonry, and it is with this vast experience that they can offer a customised and contemporary design and build for your stairs and fireplaces. The team have great passion when it comes to designing and building stone made fireplaces, lighting and staircase. They provide both a modern and traditional look for your private and commercial projects. Please get in touch – enquire below. 

What we offer?

  • Bespoke design and build for Stone Staircases
  • Different Staircase designs – Curved, Cantilever, floating, spiral, custom
  • Tailored design and build for Stone Fireplaces – modern, traditional, flamboyant
  • Lighting - Solid Natural Stone Lamp

Where Are we?

Cheadle, Staffordshire


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