Softub Inc. was founded by Tom Thornbury 26 years ago in Los Angeles, California. Two factories, one in California and one on the East Coast south of Boston, produce these unique Softub spas. A global distribution network ensures not only the availability of Softub on every continent but also handles all marketing and technical support. In Europe, for instance, there is one distributor per country who delivers Softubs to qualified specialist retailers. 

Softub's international marketing center is located in Zurich and serves all countries except the US and Canada. By fine-tuning its focus on a discriminating international clientèle, Softub has been able to grow swiftly to become a leader in many different markets. 

Softub already complies with all future energy regulations and standards and is far superior to its competitors in terms of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. Even the purchase and maintenance of Softub spas is kept affordable.


Softub spas stand for individuality, environmental friendliness and maximum flexibility – a way to relax and unwind from the stressful hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

1. Portable

2. Hygienic

3. Quiet

4. Flexible

5.Energy Efficient

6. Comfortable

7. Weather Resistant

8. Stylish


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