Paul Testa Architecture

We will work closely with you to develop a brief and to produce a design that meets your project requirements.  We will take the values of good design and fundamental sustainability to offer you a good value, healthy, flexible and useful building.  This will include:

Value: We aim to offer you best value for money.  This won’t mean pushing for the cheapest option, but the design and materials that give the best blend of performance, durability and aesthetics that work within your budget.

Long term flexibility: We will design buildings and spaces that are flexible and appropriate for the client and building users; now and for the future.

Environmental Sustainability: Our proposals will minimise the carbon footprint and environmental impact of the building in construction and use.  We also take occupant comfort and health very seriously. This will mean getting the construction and passive sustainable aspects right before reviewing any additional “green” technologies.  We will discuss with you construction methods, material choice, energy production, ventilation and heating methods and work to align these to your values.

With these at the heart of the design process we will produce a fundamentally sustainable building(s) appropriate to your needs, budget and aspirations.


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