John Dement Stairs

What We Do

I'm a one man business, doing stairs, loft conversions, odd jobs, and repairs. I have 20 years experienc in design, building  and installing of stairs.I  have also built and installed windows, doors, and things that noone else wanted to try. I take pride in my work and have a reputation of being able to find solutions to make things fit.

   I enjoy making stairs, from your straight flight low cost to curved stringer designs. I love the challenge of finding out what the customer wants and turning that into reality. If you can imagine it I will try to build it

Who I am

My name is John Dement and I have lived in Scotland for 22 years. I 'm American and I married a girl from Uddingston 32 years ago.

We have two daughters who are grown and living near London. If you have a couple of hours I will tell you how wonderful they are.

I have been working with wood since I was 12, so that's 40 years and a couple of scars of experience.I love a challenge and will consider most jobs.I have been working on my own for over a year and have done an incredible variety of things, from cleaning gutters to doing 2 loft conversions.Most weeks bring something new.


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